Innerer Burghof 1, A-1010 Wien

The Imperial Palace & Monument of Kaiser Franz I

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The Hofburg was the seat of government of the Habsburgs until 1918. Today, it is the political center of the Republic of Austria. Starting from a fortified castle complex in the 13th century, each Emperor extended the residence by adding new wings. Today the complex consists out of 19 courtyards, 18 wings and 2 600 rooms. Around 5 000 people live and work here.

Franz I was from 1804-1835 the first Austrian emperor and as Franz II from 1792 to 1806 the last emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. His bronze monument, which was cast in Milan, was brought to Vienna by eight pairs of trek oxen and nine pairs of horses. It took 33 days and was unveiled in 1846.

Spanish Riding School
Imperial Appartments & Sisi Museum
Silver Collection
Michaelerplatz (St. Michael´s Square)
Austrian National Library
Heldenplatz (Heroes´ Square)
Augustinian Church/Augustinian Monastery
Burggarten with Butterfly House