Innerer Burghof 1, A-1010 Wien

Soups & Salads

Warm or light & crisp.

As refreshment for in-between, we recommend our soups, which are typical for Austrian cuisine. Tastefully prepared zesty goulash soup, Viennese stockpot with tender beef, root vegetables, semolina dumplings or pasta and an aromatic cream of tomato soup, which tastes like the summer sun. Or choose one of our freshly prepared crispy salads.

Until the middle of March we offer a reduced version of our menu. Please follow the link to our „small menu“.

Goulash soup G | L | O € 770
with bread

Beef consommé A | C | G | L € 570
with semolina dumpling

Tomate cream soup G | L | O € 770
A gluten-containing cereals,
B crustaceans,
C egg ,
D fish,
E peanut,
F soya,
G milk or lactose,
H nuts,
L celery,
M mustard,
N sesame ,
O sulphite,
P lupines,
R molluscs