History of the Café Hofburg

Vienna House No. 1

“Vienna House No. 1”, in which our café is located, is the address which Emperor Franz Joseph I indicated as his domicile in the census of the year 1910. By doing so he demonstrated that the Imperial Palace was the first and therefore most important building in Vienna and thus in the entire Danube Monarchy, which at that time had about 50 million inhabitants.

The rooms in which Emperor Franz Joseph and Sisi resided were and are still located in the so-called Imperial Chancellery Wing. This part of the Imperial Palace was built under Emperor Charles VI in the 18th century, who commissioned the famous baroque architects Lukas von Hildebrandt and Johann Emanuel Fischer von Erlach to carry out the work. The name of this wing goes back to the fact that until 1805 it housed the Chancellery of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1806, following the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, this part of the palace was adapted for the personal use of the imperial family. From this time the residential suits of the imperial family were located in this wing.

Since March 2004 the Imperial Chancellery Wing has been housing the Café Hofburg, which is located right next to the entrance of the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartments. A lovely café with more than 100 seats in 3 rooms. The terrace of the café, which is located in the inner courtyard of the Palace, is absolutely amazing! And you can enjoy every sunny day of the year there, as our terrace is open all year round.

The Café Hofburg is one of the cafés run by the Querfeld family, who also operate the legendary Café Landtmann in Vienna.  Therefore the guests of the Café Hofburg find exactly the same traditional atmosphere here as in the Café Landtmann: attentive waiters, classical Viennese coffee specialties and delicious Viennese cakes and pastries.

Café Hofburg